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Welcome to the PollenBlog. This is a new undertaking for the Siller Pollinator Company crew to compliment our new products, NectarShare and PollenBox. When you get these products, we want to give you the support you need here to help you help pollinators. Each week, we will bring you into our world and share with you something we are learning, so we can pass that knowledge to you. Today, I’ll be talking more about NectarShare and PollenBox and how they came to be.

Siller Pollinator Company started with a simple mission: Help people help pollinators. Mostly we work with honey bees, but we help on lots of other pollinator projects as well.

NectarShare is the new and improved version of the Adopt-A-Hive program from Siller Pollinator Company. We started the Adopt-A-Hive program because there were good non-profit organizations doing good work in our area and they wanted beehives – but couldn’t afford our fees to manage the hives. We came up with the idea to do the hives anyway, and hope that folks would financially support that effort through purchasing “adoptions” of the beehives. With several people chipping in smaller dollar amounts, we all share in the hive. It worked beautifully, and we also saw opportunity to expand this program not just in our community, but nationally. We want to support and share beehives and also keep benefiting our non-profit partners.

When you buy NectarShare, you buy a share of a real beehive for one year. We will send you a welcome kit with honey, wildflower seeds, a share certificate (previously the adoption certificate), and a welcome booklet with lots of great info about the program. $10 of every share sold will go to the non-profit assoicate with the hive you chose.

We understand that honeybees aren’t the only pollinators out there. We wanted to do something to help all the pollinators – not just honeybees. So we also created PollenBox. With PollenBox, you’ll get wildflower seeds, a cavity nesting bee house, a gift membership to the Xerces Society, and instructions on how to use all the pollinator supplies. The Xerces Society is the leading organization on invertebrate conservation, and their main method of doing what they do is habitat conservation. That’s why we’re sending you the seeds! Plant those flowers and make some habitat! Habitat loss is a leading cause of pollinator decline, you can help!

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