We wouldn’t be where we are today without the help of a fantastic group of nonprofits. They sponsored our first hives and provided the land necessary to give them a happy home. A portion of every NectarShare sale goes to support these founding partners.

Green Dogs

GDU is committed to rescuing,
rehabilitating, and professionally
training dogs in need to become
therapy dogs.

They have community and
memorial gardens that their bees
help to pollinate.

Rockfish Valley
Community Center

RVCC provides a venue for cultural, recreational, social and educational
activities for the residents of the
Rockfish Valley.

They are committed to providing a
habitat for pollinators in their
gardens and also host plant ID


SCAN works to celebrate,
develop, and deepen their
community’s knowledge of
the arts while discerning its
collaborative potential with
our ecological landscape.

They host native plant and
beekeeping workshops and
their native wildflowers are
great forage for bees.

Hope’s Legacy
Equine Rescue

Hope’s Legacy rescues
horses and donkeys and finds
them forever homes.

Since 2008, HLER has rescued
over 500 animals. They connect
people to their local environment
through connection with animals
and are exuberant supporters of
honey bees and pollinators.


Wildrock Nature Play and
Discover Center promotes nature
play for health and happiness.

Wildrock believes it’s critically
important to provide access to
nature play for all members of their
community because people who
play in nature are most likely to
protect it throughout their life.


CATEC is a regional technical
education center that helps
high school students and adults
obtain the jobs they seek.

CATEC is home to two honey bee
hives as well as a community
garden directly connected to their
culinary arts programs.


Visible Records is an
artist-run gallery and studio
in Charlottesville, VA.

They provide artists and
activists with the space and
tools to expand their practice
and build creative community.

a Partner!

Interested in sponsoring a hive? Visit the contact page! We’d love to chat.