Our NectarShare Hives

These are real beehives, living near Charlottesville, VA, that are managed by the NectarShare crew. When you purchase a NectarShare and select one of these hives, your dollars go to buying supplies and paying for the labor needed to keep these bees thriving. Beekeeping is harder than ever before due to globalization and environmental pressures on pollinators. Learn as we work. Share life’s nectar.

We pay fair and livable wages to our employees, empowering them to realistically make a living doing the right thing for pollinators.

Each of these hives is dedicated to a cause or one of our non-profit partners. We believe that saving pollinators is a diverse and complex task that takes all of us doing the right thing – which is why we share the proceeds of NectarShare sales with them. Learn more on our Partners page.

Beekeeping is a growing hobby for a good reason – it is captivating, addictive, and makes the beekeeper more self-sufficient and less reliant on grocery stores. If you’re considering getting into beekeeping, NectarShare is a great place to start learning. Its like a monthly beekeeping lesson in your inbox.